Handel's Messiah:
The Story Behind the Greatest Music Ever Sung

by: Chere Curtis Wood

"Handel was the greatest composer that ever lived. I would remove my
cap and kneel at his tomb. I can still learn from him."
- Beethoven

"When Handel chooses, he strikes like thunder." - Mozart

"Handel was the master of us all." - Haydn

"He murdered my manuscript!" - Charles Jennens, librettist of Messiah
(...I guess you can't please everyone, but you can please yourself!)

Book Cover

HANDEL reigned as England's foremost impressario for two decades, then lost everything; his fortune, his friends, was censored by the church and partially paralyzed by a stroke. Here, at his lowest ebb, he discovered the real meaning of life, and wrote his masterpiece, "Messiah." Read this epic of redemption that shows in the dark night of the soul, our greatest triumphs are forged in suffering.


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